We have an exciting financing opportunity for the last available Ocean View lots at YokoVillage South. The ones available are incredibly beautiful and with big sizes.

This is what we are offering:

1. Buying land with 18 equal payments at a 0% interest rate with the following rates:
     · Prime Ocean View starts at $550K
     · Ocean View starts at $400K
     · Mountain view $350K
     · Jungle view at $250K

Lots size vary between 2000-7000 square meters and can be used to build more than one home.

Once you know which kind of land is for you, it goes like this:
     · $100K down with 18 monthly payments at a 0% interest rate
     · $100K down with 24 monthly payments at a 7% interest rate
     · $100K down with 36 monthly payments at a 9% interest rate

Here is a link to our nontypical amortization schedule, please check it.

2. Construction financing with LaFise Bank – a local bank that will give you 60% to 70% of the construction costs at a 7% interest rate. This depends on your credit score in your home country.

If you wish to learn more and you’d like to schedule a call, please use calendly.com/yokovillagecontact and reach out to Jean Sebastian, our head of sales and make use of this offer today.