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Aerapy Retreat


Opportunity Awaits: Villa #11 presents a rare opportunity to acquire a slice of paradise, a property that epitomizes serene luxury.


Breathtaking Location:

Perched gracefully in the hills of Santa Teresa, this partially-constructed villa commands uninterrupted views of the lush canopy below, ensuring a private and tranquil environment.


Exclusive Privacy:

Thanks to its distinctive placement on the mountain, Villa #11 offers a level of seclusion that is unparalleled, providing a personal haven away from the world.


Unique Investment Prospect:

This villa is available directly from the original investors who are now presenting it to the market, an unforeseen opportunity arising from the tripling of market prices for construction in Costa Rica, making it a unique investment with significant potential for faster growth.

Aerapy Retreat


Expansive Living Area:

The Villa boasts a generously sized living room, designed for comfort and luxury, ideal for family gatherings and entertainment.


Private Outdoor Sanctuary:

Features an inviting pool area, providing an exclusive retreat for relaxation and leisure.


Panoramic Deck:

A spacious deck offers residents the opportunity to soak in the breathtaking views, perfect for evening relaxation or hosting social events.


Dual Master Bedrooms:

Equipped with two master bedrooms, each designed to deliver ultimate comfort and privacy, making it suitable for families or guests.


Vehicle Accommodation:

Includes a convenient garage, offering ample space for vehicle storage and security within the property’s confines.

Aerapy Retreat


Scenic and Private:

Occupying a 1,463 m² / 15,748 ft² lot, Villa #11 is uniquely positioned at the hill’s summit, offering unrivaled views of the mountain and jungle.


Exclusive Canopy Outlook:

The only property with a vantage point facing the interior of the canopy, it promises absolute privacy and a serene living experience akin to a secluded mountain refuge.


Conveniently Located:

Despite its seclusion, the villa is a mere 5-minute drive from the bustling heart of Santa Teresa, with its array of attractions and conveniences.


Spacious Design:

The villa’s expansive 305 m² / 3,283 ft² layout includes two lavish master suites and a cozy office space atop the staircase, combining grandeur with practicality.

Aerapy Retreat


Total Investment:

The all-inclusive investment for the Villa is $780,000. This investment encompasses:


Land and House Current Cost**:

$380,000, representing a strategic purchase in today’s market.



A turn-key construction service from our trusted partner totals $350,000.


Construction Timeline:

A swift completion time of 6 months ensures timely readiness for the market.



An additional expected cost of $50,000 for high-quality furnishings, enhancing the Villa’s appeal.


Projected Valuation Post-Construction:

Upon completion, the Villa is expected to be valued at $1.1 million, reflecting its high-end features and desirable location.


Future Sale Potential:

Market analysis suggests a potential sale price of $1.4 million in 1-2 years, offering a substantial return on investment.


Investment Summary:

This strategically planned investment offers an exceptional opportunity for appreciation, positioning the Villa as an optimal choice for discerning investors in Yoko Village.

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