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Yoko means “sunshine child,” and it means new beginnings. We are building a sanctuary that embraces love, respect, and compassion. Surrounded by nature, it’s a haven for those seeking a path that emphasizes relationships, connections with others, nature, and inner richness. We’re also super entrepreneurial and love beings amongst the doers and the makers.


Our Mission

Create environments that foster harmonious and balanced relationships between human beings and nature.


The Possibilities of YokoVillage

At YokoVillage, we embody the essence of Prosperity, Belonging, Freedom, and Peace.
While these may hold different meanings for each person, they unite us in diverse yet profound ways


How can Yoko bring these possibilities to the world? 

Here are a few ways:

Creating community spaces where we can meet, work, and connect.

By creating a supportive global community that can offer friendships, advice, and inspiration.

By creating events that support well-being, personal growth, and connection to self & others

By allowing people/families to live in nature in serene and pristine surroundings.

By creating possibilities for financial freedom through smart investments.

By creating multiple eco-villages where families have the freedom to swap homes and live from summer to summer


YokoVillage Company Values

These are our operating principles on the day to day. The way we hire. The way we fire, the way to work in order to execute our mission.

    • Deliver Wow through service
    • Be passionate, Proactive and determined – move mountains
    • Build a positive team and family spirit
    • Be humble
    • Pursue growth through learning
    • Act with Integrity and Transparency
    • Demonstrate Environmental and Social Responsibility


Yoko Vision

As long as we stay true to our values and mission, our vision is to expand and build Yoko Village around Costa Rica first and later expand globally to Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean.


What is YokoVillage Doing

YokoVillage is creating a global community of eco-villages by establishing communal conscious spaces and second homes in rural areas.

Follow our events on our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated on what we do in the community. As always, reach out to us if you have any questions or want to schedule a call with us. Stay tuned for more exciting developments happening at Yoko Village!