We’ve had quite a few buyers approach us recently trying to get into YokoVillage South, however with some budget constraints. In order to accommodate these buyers, we’re offering a new ownership structure.

Two buyers can join together to share the cost of a lot purchase.

The benefit of this structure is that it allows you to split the cost of land (at phase 1 pricing) between two parties and build *two separate homes* on the same lot. If this opportunity peaks your interest, please connect with us immediately to discuss as we have other parties ready to go.

We’ve outlined the following options for you below:

Share a prime ocean view for $175K (Full price $350K)
Share an ocean view lot for $112.5K (Full price $225K)
Share a valley view lot for $87.5K (Full price $175K)
Share a valley view lot for $62.5K (Full price $125K)

Finally, please understand that phase 1 pricing ends before Christmas.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Liran Rosenfeld

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