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The Beauty and the Beast: construction and nature in the rainy season in Santa Teresa

The rainy season, also known as the green season (or, to Costa Ricans, “winter”), is a special time to visit Santa Teresa. It extends from May until November and is preferred by the locals and many ex-pats alike for the beauty and tranquility it brings.
There are far fewer people in town, on the beach, and in the water, and the atmosphere is simply different.

But how rainy is the “rainy season”?
Don’t be discouraged by the name! The rainy season doesn’t mean it rains all day, every day. Usually, it will rain almost every day, for a few minutes or hours. Occasionally it will rain for an entire day, but that is not as common as you might expect it to be.

The daily showers come with some unique advantages. First, it lowers the temperatures and gives way to a refreshing breeze. Unlike the “dry season” with its harsh hot nights, the rainy season offers fresh nights. Partially cloudy sunsets make that famous unreal pastel-pallet sky against the greyish clouds for a visual experience one doesn’t see every day.

Rainy season sunset in santa teresa costa rica pastel color sky

Visiting Yoko lands in the rainy season

The rainy season brings unique challenges as well. The heavy rains do not show mercy for the non-paved country roads. Yoko members coming for site visits this season are met with an experienced team and the right gear.

Long-sleeve shirts and Rubber boots to walk us through the jungle, and a 4X4 ATV to take us safely through the muddy roads. Never has the lot selection process been so much fun, as you get an excursion and an adventure in nature while choosing your future lot.


Construction in Santa Teresa during the rainy season

Not only site visits, but Yoko is also up and running throughout the rainy season, and construction continues. Winter brings landslides and road damage, making it hard to get materials to the work site, not to mention the challenge of actually working.

Yoko construction team regularly fixes public roads, helping the community while allowing the flow of cars and trucks in and out of the mountain.

real estate tractor construction work in santa teresa

On the work site, our engineers are ensuring the drainage and the pluvial system are doing their work, securing the land from landslides and allowing work to continue safely.

But why is it called – “The Green Season”?

Costa Rica gained its reputation for its incredible flora and fauna. The rainy season, also known as “The Green Season”, got its name from the vivid green colors of nature that come to life with the power of rain, feeding the earth and washing away the summer dust.

Saturated green lush as far as the eye can see, nature in its utmost glory and beauty, with flowers of every shape, color, and size.

This is also the season when coffee is picked, freshly dried, and roasted.

Coffee plantation

Joyful nature doing its thing

In winter, wildlife flourishes, bringing with it common sightings of turtle-eggs hatching and tiny baby turtles making their way to the ocean. August and September are prime months for whale watching in Costa Rica. These gigantic humpback whales can occasionally be seen even from the beach here in Santa Teresa!

turtle hatching in santa teresa

Sightseeing in the Rainy Season

This time of the year is perfect for visiting waterfalls because of the increased volumes of water. You’ll be amazed at the sheer power of the natural waterfalls around Santa Teresa, pushing out extreme amounts of water. You can actually feel the sound of the water falling along your entire body.

Waterfall in montezuma santa teresa

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