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Join us as we are creating the first joint venture of co-ownership at YokoVillage! Together with my friend Tobias Straube, we are gathering a group of like-minded people to become co-owners of a Villa at YokoNorth in Santa Teresa. With just US $50K, or more, you can now invest in a lucrative real estate deal at YokoNorth.


Here is what co-ownership at YokoVillage looks like:

  • All co-owners get to know each other before investing.
  • The group pays for the construction.
  • Yoko invests the land, and oversees the development and construction of the villas, the furnishings and all equipment. This is an 8-12 month process.
  • The villa will be listed for sale in the open market during the construction process to attract potential members who are seeking ready-made, turn-key homes. The intent is to maximize the greatest ROI possible.
  • After completion, the villa will be converted to an Airbnb rental, and YokoVillage takes care of all management details, providing full transparency on operating costs until the property is sold.
  • Yoko will handle all the details and facilitate a smooth resale.
  • Each member can stay and enjoy the villa for up to 10 days each year at a discounted rate.


Business case:

  • The construction will cost about $700K.
  • We are aiming for the highest ROI as soon as possible. Therefore, we will try to sell it as soon as possible.
  • If we don’t sell immediately, we will share the profits generated by Airbnb rentals.
  • You can sell your ownership share at any time.


Important facts:

  • Attractive return on investment.
  • We have the land complete with titles in place.
  • We have the building permits.
  • We have assembled a team that will build with our construction partner.
  • Our construction partner will disclose all construction costs with 100% transparency.
  • The house to be built is a 3BR Yoko model horizontal (see image below).
  • Once this joint venture is finalized, and with the 2 villas that are currently under construction 95% finished, we will have the first street at YokoVillage completed.

Interested in joining us for this lucrative investment? Message me for details, or contact Tobias directly at tobias.c.straube@gmail.com


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Yoko villa
Yoko villa
Yoko villa

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