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We are adapting new business models.

Those of you who have been with us from day one know how we are always on the lookout for new ideas and ways for sharing the abundance with the Yoko community.

This time, we found something truly unique. An entirely new business model that offers our community members an excellent investment option, great ROI, and even your home in Costa Rica, while pushing the entire community and the entire community to gain more velocity. YokoVillage will Invest the funds to build Yoko Villas for the community faster than ever.

This model is called a Convertible Debt Loan, and what it means is that you can lend money to YokoVillage, and get – (please read slowly, to digest better).

  • Incredible ROI: 7-9% Yearly interest on your money
  • First Bids on newly constructed Yoko homes
  • Discount prices for the new homes
  • 100% collateral-secured loan

Safety comes first, and your investment is 100% secure by a trust fund!

The 9 Hectares (22.2 Acres) land of YokoVillage North is now owned by a Trust, with a contract stating that Yoko has three years to return the loan to you, the investor. If Yoko cannot return the money, the trust has the option to sell the land in an auction and pay the investors their money + interest.

So basically, if anything goes wrong, you are fully covered, as the land is held as collateral with you as a beneficiary. As an investor, that is simply incredible!

Your interest works like this: Let’s say you invest the minimum sum, 100,000$, for three years. After one year, you get 7,000$ in interest. The following year, you get another 7,000$. At the end of year three, you get your 100,000$ back, plus another 7,000$. That is a passive income of 21,000$!
Keep in mind that if your investment is $500K or more, your interest rate becomes 9% instead of 7%.

As for First Bids, during the loan period, whenever a new Yoko Villa is about to hit the market, you get to have first bids on it. Not only that, but you get a discount price equaling 10% of your investment sum. So in the case of a 100K investment, you get a 10K discount on the villa.
This business model offers a win win opportunity, I knew it’s something I want to bring to Yoko, it is simply an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I hope you feel the same.

If you see the possibilities I’m seeing, I am making myself available for you, so you can simply schedule a call with me, Liran Rosenfeld, CEO and creator of Yoko Company, via calendly.com/yokovillage.


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