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Save the Date! | January 30 – February 3, 2024

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica



Prepare for a whirlwind of surprises at the newly upgraded YokoVillage Community Center, the Hummingbird Garden. Four days of joy, beauty, and inspiration await the third edition of our signature retreat-style immersion.

We’ve handpicked an epic lineup featuring 13 dynamic speakers, 3 international live acts, captivating music workshops, and rejuvenating breathwork sessions. And that’s just the beginning! Dive into inspiring speaker sessions, invigorating nature walks, and a top-notch wellness program with daily yoga, massages, ice baths, and gourmet chef-prepared meals by Dori from the renowned Doris Metropolitan restaurant. 

This memorable event fosters connections, shares profound experiences, and embarks on enriching journeys. Savor culinary delights, form lasting bonds, and immerse yourself in incredible music and pearls of wisdom and insights from industry leaders. Explore the lively Santa Teresa as Yoko Connect unfolds at our freshly inaugurated community hub, the Hummingbird Garden. Engage in riveting discussions with standout speakers, covering topics from psychedelics to blockchain. An extraordinary journey awaits, full of wonder, sunshine, and beauty!


Inspiring Speakers and Presenters



Dr. Jabaris Swain


Dr. Jabaris Swain is a Cardiovascular surgeon and global health scholar with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital setting & healthcare industry and one of the upcoming Yoko Health & Wellness Clinic Co-founders!

Skilled in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiopulmonary transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, general surgery, medical education, translational science, and outcomes research. Strong healthcare services professional with an MPH in Clinical Effectiveness from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health with dedicated experience in health delivery and health systems building within resource-limited settings, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Revolutionizing Health in Yoko Village: A Blend of Modern and Contemporary Healing at the Yoko Health and Wellness Clinic

Dr. Jabaris will delve into the Yoko Clinic’s innovative approach to addressing the community’s acute and chronic health issues. The presentation explores the seamless integration of traditional medical practices with alternative therapies, providing comprehensive and holistic care. It will spotlight modern health challenges, showcase the effectiveness of the clinic’s unique care model, and outline the envisioned services and consultations. The presentation will also illuminate the clinic’s collaborative community health initiatives and its vision for the future of healthcare in the area. Attendees will gain insight into the transformative impact of merging modern medicine with alternative healing methods, representing a new paradigm in community health and wellness.


Dr. Jabaris Swain @ LinkedIn 

Dr. Swain’s Pervoiuos Yoko Connect gig 


Derek Lutz


Redefining Success in a Remote World

Derek, an Executive Search leader with a global focus on End-to-End Supply Chain and Human Resources appointments, stands apart from the crowd. He’s not your typical speaker and his unique way of life sets him apart.

With a keen eye for building high-performing companies that challenge conventions and thrive, Derek’s mission is clear: he’s here to demonstrate that location is no barrier to developing, managing, and growing highly profitable businesses. His secret? He’ll share it on stage!

Derek’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. As he travels the world, he manages multiple teams spanning 10 countries, proving that remote work can be anything but ordinary. His vision aligns perfectly with Yoko’s values, making him an early investor and advocate for our cause.


Derek Lutz @LinkedIn


Lisa Skye and Liz Elam


Lisa Skye and Liz Elam Return to Yoko Connect!

Lisa Skye and Liz Elam are returning to the stage of Yoko Connect at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, from January 30 to February 3, 2024. The duo has been a driving force in the world of coworking around the globe.

The Adaptability of Introverts Thriving in an Extroverted World
And The Art of Insane Connections

Unlock the secrets to transformative connections in ‘Empowering Connections: The Art of Persuasion and Community Mastery.’ Join us as Lisa and Liz take us on a captivating journey as we explore the courage of ‘The Bold Ask,’ the adaptability of introverts thriving in an extroverted world, and the alchemy of ‘Storytelling Magic.’

Discover how crafting communities with heart creates a blueprint for belonging and explore the art of ‘Insane Connections’ that turn networking into pure magic. This talk guides you to practical tips, actionable strategies, and inspiring stories that will empower you to navigate, influence, and foster thriving communities, leaving you ready to embark on your journey of persuasive and community mastery.

 Liz & Lisa’s Previous Yoko Connect gig


Who is Lisa Skye?

Lisa Skye was the second employee to be hired by WeWork’s Adam Neumann. She worked closely with the CEO in the early days and was responsible for running the space efficiently, whether managing sales, tours, billing, or even IT. Skye recalls on a long distant call from the United States that Neumann was tall – six foot five to be exact – and incredibly confident. Skye said his charisma and conviction will be remembered as ” one of the greatest salesmen in history.”

Skye left WeWork in 2012 and now sits at the helm of her thriving co-working community, Primary. She is a magnetic leader, poised public speaker, and master networker.

Lisa Skye @LinkedIn


Who is Liz Elam?

Liz Elam is the founder of GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference), the largest coworking conference series in the world. She is also the founder of Link Coworking, a coworking space in Austin, Texas. Elam has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal.

Lisa Skye and Liz Elam are two of the most influential figures in the world of coworking. Their appearance at Yoko Connect is a must-attend event for anyone interested in learning more about creating a thriving coworking community. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Liza Elam @LinkedIn 

Previous Yoko Connect gig


Carey Thompson


Riding Waves Of Synchrondipity

Carey Thompson is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who initially worked as an oil painter and later transitioned to crafting monumental architectural creations using cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

He is widely recognized in the festival culture scene for designing stages for artists like Dave Tipper and has held the role of art director at Boom Festival since 2010. His central artistic aim is to bridge the divide between humanity and the natural world by employing sacred geometry and beauty to ignite awareness and creativity.

In the late nineties, he was drawn to Costa Rica, where he found his creative anchor. In his presentation titled “Riding Waves Of Synchrondipity,” Carey will delve into his journey, highlighting the transformative role of psychedelics in harmonizing his scientific and spiritual perspectives while also exploring how art serves as a potent tool for healing both individuals and the broader human collective.

Look at Galactivation- The Art of Carey Thompson


Dr. Carlo Reyes and Dr. Arjun Reyes


Two Brothers – One Vision: The Tide of Psychedelic Wellness

Returning to Yoko Connect, the Reyes brothers, co-founders of the Health & Wellness Institute, i.e., The Yoko Clinic, are poised to unveil the infinite potential of psychedelics for human well-being. Amid a global emerging interest in psychedelic research, treatments, use cases, and legislation, The Yoko Clinic goes beyond traditional and cutting-edge medical services to pioneer psilocybin and ketamine-based treatments, acknowledging health’s multidimensional nature.

With expertise across various fields, the brothers explore psychedelics’ potential for comprehensive care, aiming to foster not just physical but also spiritual healing and growth. In a world where psychedelics conceal more than meets the eye, the Brothers are here to guide us through the profound depths of the psychedelic rabbit hole, shedding light on a promising frontier in holistic well-being.

These are exciting times to be alive and part of Yoko Village!

Dr. Carlo Reyes, a graduate of Chicago Medical School, is a distinguished physician, attorney, and global health advocate. As Assistant Medical Director at Los Robles Hospital, he initiated the Emergency Medicine Residency program. He leads medical missions with Health-e-Charity and globally connects people with mission-delivered medical care. Driven by a passion for global health equity, he’s also the Ventura County Medical Association President. In his personal life, he embraces activities like hot yoga, boxing, and meditation, integrating Lifestyle Medicine into his holistic approach.

 Dr. Carlo Reyes @LinkedIn

Carlo’s previous Yoko Connect Gig


Arjun Reyes MD and Associates, a Moorpark-based psychiatry clinic led by Dr. Arjun Reyes, adopts a holistic approach to mental health across all ages. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Reyes specializes in diagnosing and treating a range of conditions, including anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse, using alternative therapies and a multimodal approach. Affiliated with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, Dr. Reyes is dual board-certified in addiction, child and adolescent, and general psychiatry. His private practice provides holistic and alternative therapies to Ventura County residents.


Jeremy Levine


Jeremy Levine’s Wildlife Rescue: A Call to Action 
A Local Hero’s Conservation Story

Jeremy Levine’s journey from an MBA graduate to a wildlife conservation hero is inspiring. Join us as he reveals how he transformed his life’s path to create Wild Sun Rescue, a sanctuary that has saved countless endangered animals in Costa Rica. 

Discover the challenges Costa Rican monkeys face and the incredible efforts to protect them from falling trees, car accidents, and power lines. Jeremy’s unconventional path and unwavering commitment to wildlife preservation showcase the power of personal transformation.


Jeremy Levine @LinkedIn


Dr. Marco Schletz


Decoding Earth’s Enigma: Tech’s Quest for a New Dawn

Join us on a journey of tech-powered solutions that might save our planet’s global commons—like the atmosphere and oceans. Explore cutting-edge tech solutions: satellite observation, machine learning, and blockchain for climate action. Alongside, meet Marco Schletz, a pioneer at UNEP DTU Partnership, leading climate innovation through blockchain. With a Master’s in Environmental Science and expertise in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance, Marco champions emissions transparency, carbon markets, and peer-to-peer energy trading, all aligned with the Paris Agreement. Is our journey towards crafting a harmonious future within reach, or do we stand on the precipice of an irreversible turning point?


 Dr. Marco Schletz @LinkedIn


Rawad Abu Zaki


Architect of Santa Teresa’s Sustainable Future

Rawad Abu Zaki, a transportation and sustainability pioneer with a rich design background, returns to Yoko Connect with ambitious plans to transform Santa Teresa into a bustling hub for entrepreneurs. Despite its inviting climate and vibrant community, the city’s infrastructure needs upgrades to accommodate its growth.

In his session, ‘Flying houses, sustainable living in Santa Teresa,’ Rawad explores the city’s potential as an entrepreneurial haven, envisioning a future where Santa Teresa becomes an off-grid, net-zero paradise powered by advanced tech.

Join Rawad as he unveils his vision for a sustainable Santa Teresa and advocates for crucial infrastructure improvements.


Rawad Abu Zaki @LinkedIn

Rawad’s previous Yoko Connect gig


Tobias Straube


The Blockchain Paradigm: Reshaping Trust, Community, and Ownership 

Introducing Tobias, a global entrepreneur with expertise spanning DeepTech, economic development, and real estate. He co-founded MyCataleya LLC and serves on the board of Digital Waves.

Additionally, Tobias is a co-founder and senior advisor at Scio Network and VP for Analysis at Cambrian.

Tobias will explore how blockchain transforms our understanding of trust, community, and ownership management. He will assess this technology’s potential and limitations in digital transactions and collaborative efforts. Blockchain innovations, from Bitcoin to NFT, will be contextualized with practical examples to demonstrate blockchain’s capabilities and current state.

Against this backdrop, Tobias will discuss the innovative concept of fractional ownership of properties, highlighting how the Yoko community could leverage blockchain. 

Tobias Straube @LinkedIn

Tobias’ previous Yoko Connect gig


Vadim Litvak


 Rising from Shadows: Vadim’s Odyssey from Addiction To Redemption

Vadim is an extraordinary individual whose life story is nothing short of a dramatic turnaround. From confronting and conquering personal demons of addiction and shyness to ascending as the Chief Marketing Officer at PassRight & Yoko, his journey is a narrative of unwavering resilience and remarkable reinvention from an immigrant with nothing to a successful marketing agency.

He will share the riveting details of how he harnessed his inner strength to transform every setback into a stepping stone towards success. Embracing mistakes as lessons and a strategic mindset propelled him to the forefront of the digital marketing world.

It’s a story of overcoming odds, defying the impossible, personal evolution, and professional ascendancy.

Vadim Litvak @LinkedIn


Michael Sun-Fidelman


Workshop: Theta Harmony

Meet Michael Sun-Fidelman, a healer and Amanita microdosing coach. In his workshop, “Into-the-Self Meditation,” experience Theta healing and guided meditation to attune to higher frequencies. Michael’s journey, influenced by diverse spiritual practices, now focuses on non-dual traditions. Explore healing, self-love, and emotional well-being in this transformative session, seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with contemporary insights.


Smadar Noga Lioz


Workshop: TRE Essentials

Smadar Noga Lioz is a seasoned life coach and TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) provider. In her workshop at Yoko Connect, Smadar will introduce a transformative self-healing tool inspired by Dr. Steven Berceli’s insights.

“Go beyond stress relief” session – promises reduced tension, improved bodily connectivity, and healthier relationships. We’ll gain insights into stress regulation, enhanced sleep, digestion, mental clarity, and energy levels.

Guiding through the nuances of the nervous system, Smadar imparts valuable knowledge on recognizing internal processes. The workshop culminates in fundamental exercises, gently leading each participant into their unique tremor-induced healing.

It is a brief yet impactful exploration of healing and connection, offering valuable tools to release accumulated tensions and restore balance to your life.


Michal Dobrovinsky


Meet Michal, the Neuroscience Maverick. Pursuing an MSc at Tel Aviv University, Michal’s brilliance extends to her role as a military intelligence officer in the elite Israeli army’s 8200 unit.

8200 is responsible for code decryption, counterintelligence, cyberwarfare, military intelligence among so much more and is renowned for producing tech moguls and Silicon Valley pioneers, provides a unique backdrop to Michal’s multifaceted journey.

Michal’s research delves into the brain’s dance of predictions, sensory input, and mental model updates, utilizing music as a methodological tool. Join us for “Navigating through Change: Exploring the Interplay of Brain, Music, and Emotional Release” as Michal transforms scientific inquiry into a captivating exploration.

Michal Dobrovinsky @LinkedIn


Gaia Ma


With over two decades of intentional community living, Gaia founded InanItah in 2008, an eco-spirit community grounded in the principles of Tantra and Permaculture. As the visionary behind The Tantric Way, a school of healing and empowerment along the tantric path, Gaia intertwines the threads of individual and united consciousness.

Gaia Ma, a luminary in personal and planetary evolution, will take us through the ancient wisdom positioning desire as the guiding arrow to our true purpose.

Gaia casts light on how desires weave the tapestry of creation, orchestrating the union of matter and consciousness, the feminine and the masculine, the sacred and the profane. Within this harmonious union unfolds the rich tapestry of life, a sacred dance of interconnected energies.

Gaia Ma @LinkedIn


Ronit Kurz


Yoko Village Netherlands Co-founder, Ronit, is a dynamic force blending spiritual depth with entrepreneurial prowess. She delved into yoga and meditation at 13, organizing massive conferences and leading teacher training programs.

A seasoned real estate developer with a decade’s expertise, Ronit transforms Dutch cities sustainably. With a passion for renewable energy, she ensures Yoko Village Netherlands thrives financially and socially.

“From the Amazons to the Urban Kibbutz”

Ronit’s exploration of new living and diverse communities stems from humanity’s timeless desire to belong to a tribe. In today’s world, the allure of tribal connection is stronger than ever. What is the concept of the new tribe? How does it work, and how can we turn this vision into reality? Ronit will takes us on a journey, exploring ancient roots and embracing contemporary living.


Dr. Veronica Ruelas


Veronica is an entrepreneur, doctor, author, speaker, certified yoga and meditation practitioner, and philanthropist. She founded the non-profit ThirdEyeVision Foundation which provides free eye care to those in need and raises awareness on the global epidemic of human trafficking.

She is a forecaster of trends and has strategically inserted herself into emerging markets well before they were mainstream. This has led her to the next dire need of our society which is, forgiveness. She is the driving force behind FORGIVITY’s behavioral and spiritual sciences.

Veronica will discuss the hidden secrets of the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey from the mystical Shamanic perspective, illustrating how serving others smoothes the path of transformation, and how forgiveness stands as the ultimate liberation. She will also recount inspiring stories of how she applied these principles in her own life, embodying roles as an innovator, healer, visionary, and activist.

Dr. Veronica Ruelas @LinkedIn


Kenton Zerbin


Discover the world of Kenton Zerbin, a permaculture teacher and advocate for sustainable living. His journey from traditional educator to a pioneer in permaculture design has led him across the globe, inspiring the creation of efficient homes, thriving ecosystems, and robust communities. Kenton’s innovative work includes designing edible landscapes, founding a permaculture school in Barbados, living in his self-built off-grid tiny home, and producing educational content to share his knowledge. Now, from Kelowna, BC, he’s on the cusp of establishing a new permaculture school and community.

Join us for a compelling dialogue with Kenton as he tackles the question: “Can we cultivate abundant, resilient, and flourishing systems?” He’s proof that humanity can indeed be a force for regeneration, not depletion. Learn from Kenton’s profound insights into permaculture, which promise to expand your perspective on sustainable living. We’re all innate designers at heart, and together, we’ll delve into the essence of permaculture design for our present and future.

Kenton Zerbin @LinkedIn

Melodies Unite –  An Eclectic Musical Showcase


We are thrilled to present an eclectic lineup of live acts, each offering a unique musical tapestry that weaves together diverse influences, ancient melodies, and the power to transport our souls to new dimensions. Despite their distinct styles and backgrounds, a common thread unites these exceptional artists: the ability to take us on a journey to distant, far-away melodic landscapes, from the Afro-Electronic-Psychedelic fusion of Angata to the shamanistic overtone singing of L.I.A and Orka’s enchanting fantasy folk prepare to embark on a musical odyssey where beauty knows no bounds.




L.I.A, composed of Lora Ute, Arash Khodayari, and Izumi Yamamoto, seamlessly weaves classical, jazz, folk, electronica, and uncharted soundscapes. Despite their recent formation, they’ve already enchanted audiences at renowned festivals like Garbicz and Bucht der Träumer. Their dynamic synergy incorporates shamanistic overtone singing, distinctive instruments, and synthetic sounds, opening a musical gateway to ancient wisdom and unexplored dimensions.

You can have a snapshot of the magnificent L.I.A trio on here & here




Meet Orka, the visionary musician. Through her soulful melodies, she crafts a spiritual tapestry of sound inspired by her profound experiences with Singing Circles and the ‘Medicine Women’s Choir.’

Orka’s distinctive fusion of fantasy folk and shamanic music promises to stir hearts and expand minds, resonating with the sacred and the serene. Her musical journey has entranced audiences from Israel to the far reaches of the global stage.

You can listen to Orka @Spotify and YouTube




The Israeli legend, Angata, stands at the crossroads of heritage and innovation, where primal rhythms meet the cosmos. With an impressive repertoire spanning Israel’s top festivals, European and Indian tours, two full-length albums, three singles, and remarkable collaborations with esteemed African artists, Angata is set to ignite the stage at Da High.

Check Angata on Spotify and live on YouTube doing their magic




DJ, Producer, and Founder of Love Cartel DJ Collective

Meet GILARDÉN, the musical maestro and founder of the Love Cartel DJ collective in San Francisco. His unique sounds are a fusion of North African and Middle Eastern House tunes blended with Afro-Tribal House, complemented by subtle touches of Indie techno. GILARDÉN’s sets traverse multiple genres and countries, maintaining a spiritual and transformational vibe within the 100-125 bpm range. He has directly supported and collaborated with renowned artists such as Polo and Pan, Bonobo, Blondish, WhoMadeWho, Yuksek, and Mita Gami.

You can listen to Gilarden live set from San Franciso here


Sounds to Breath and Beyond: Michelle’s Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing Exclusive Workshop


Michelle Florez is a breathwork guide & transformational coach, dedicated to assisting founders and CEOs in exploring their emotional depths to evolve into heart-led leaders. Michelle supports leaders whose missions resonate with her values, particularly those involved in groundbreaking fields.

Embark on a transformational journey with Michelle’s breathwork and sound healing session. Over 60 minutes, you’ll traverse altered states of consciousness, releasing emotional blockages and soothing the pain-body. The session’s crescendo is a 30-minute sound healing that will envelop you in tranquility, leaving you deeply connected to your inner self, rejuvenated and ready for transformation.


Noa Bar


At YokoVillage, we value holistic well-being. From daily yoga & meditation classes over ice baths to massages and energy cleanses our offerings facilitate a path to healing and transformation. We have curated a lineup of practitioners, body-workers, and healers who will offer personalized sessions upon request.

One of those healers is Noa Bar.

Noa, an emotional therapist and inner peace mentor. Formerly a graphic designer, Noa now practices Zen Buddhist psychology and energetic cleansing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. With a decade of successful practice in Israel, she emphasizes the unity of the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual bodies for overall well-being.

Noa’s expertise addresses the impact of stress on the Physical Body and Soul, advocating for balance through Buddhist Psychology, Breath Techniques, and Yoga Philosophy. Her energetic cleanse offers profound relief, unlocking past traumas and improving breathing, thinking, and overall quality of life.

Accessible to everyone, Noa’s healing sessions transcend chronic health symptoms. Book a private session for a transformative journey to higher frequencies of well-being.




Petra, after wowing the Yoko team with her aerial yoga workshop, is back to share her magic with us. Aerapy yoga, lifts you off your feet, combining workout and massage while safely suspended in soft fabric. Discover the joy of hanging upside down, decompressing vertebrae, and possibly gaining height. All levels are welcome, guided by Petra, a certified aerial practitioner.
Petra, a wellness entrepreneur, and a dear friend, found solace in aerial arts to heal stress, believing it’s an exhilarating yet safe experience for all. Aerapy, an affiliate of Antigravity Fitness®, ensures top safety standards in aerial yoga. Elevate your well-being with Petra’s aerial yoga at Yoko!




In 2022, Jordan brought her two-decade yoga journey to teaching. A certified yoga instructor with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Karma Yoga in Denver, CO, she blends her yoga expertise with a background in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Board Certification in Emergency Medicine. Her teaching style caters to all levels, combining a wealth of experience with a passion for fostering a mindful and fulfilling yoga practice.


Nir Newman


With 18 years of yoga teaching experience, Nir Newman, the Co-founder of Yoko Village Netherlands, specializes in Vinyasa Flow classes—dynamic sessions featuring a variety of postures with no set sequence. Known for their strength, invigoration, speed, challenge, and overall enjoyment.


Ezequiel Leonard


Ezequiel Leonard developed a passion project that bridges the gap between traditional theater and healing practices. For the past 20 years this Argentinian traveller mastered the art of Stanislavsky method, Jacques Lecoq, clown theory and Balinese mask. Upon further diving into therapeutic tools of meditation, mantras, Vipassana, Yoga, chamanism, Family Constellations, Biodanza, Chi kung, Bioenergy and The Artist Way he opened a door to connect with theater in a different light.

Workshop: Who are we?
An immersive theatrical experience.
Gain access to the full range of human reflection by breaking the imaginary wall with your subconscious. Here you are masked in disguise and guided by a narrator on a collective journey through an intimate experience.
A meeting with your real self. You are? We are? Let’s dive together in to the search of our true nature.

You can stay in one of our exclusively reserved villas, each offering unique accommodations to fit your preferences. Whether you prefer to reserve your villa, rent private suites, or even share facilities, we have reserved stunning homes for you to choose from to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

Please contact our concierge, Eden, who will gladly assist you with reservations. You can contact Eden at eden@yokovillage.com or +50686836673.


Culinary Corner


Chef and visionary entrepreneur Dori Rebi-Chia grace Yoko Connect 3, prepared to pamper our palates alongside his exceptional team and mouthwatering creations.

Dori is a gastronomic adventure. At Yoko Connect 3, Dori Rebi-Chia will guide our taste buds on a global escapade, an enchanting fusion of flavors where ordinary dishes transcend their origins, putting his culinary creativity in the spotlight. 

Explore the flavors:

For those with inquisitive & curious appetites:


Personalized Legal Insight: Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Our legal team will be present, click here to schedule complimentary one-on-one, face-to-face meetings in advance. These sessions are tailored to address, clarify, and assist with any legal-related issues that may come to mind or pique your curiosity.

Additional important dates:


February 27:

L.I.A Live Performance & Live Set By MONXE


February 3:

Angata – Live Performance


February 4:

Tantric Practice Workshop

L.I.A – Live performance & Live set by GILARDÉN (Love Cartel)


February 9:

Yemanjo – Live Performance Opening Live Set By MONXE, Closing Live Set by DJ N.I.M.

Experience Yemanjo live on Turkey’s Mediterranean shores



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