YokoVillage North

We have re-modeled a container to serve as an office for Yoko architects and engineers, so they can comfortably work on site.

container office for Yoko architects and engineers

Villa 1 advances

Construction of the first and second villas continues. The first villa is in advanced stage, and carpentry work is expected to begin soon. We are installing the roof for the second villa, getting closer to the final stages of construction.

Progress of Villa 2

Construction of Villa 2

Updated renders give us a peek into the future as Yoko architects work on the details of the new restaurant and co-working space. Here it is:

Resto & CoWork playroom
Resto & CoWork

YokoVillage South

We continue our efforts to get through the bureaucracy, presenting documentation to receive all necessary permits.
The lot selection process is running smoothly. We find the sunny moments to go to the land with ATV 4X4 and heavy-duty boots, and both members and the team are happy with the day trip.


As development progressed, Sangha needed a place to store fabric and furniture. A large climate-controlled container was bought, delivered, and placed on site. Once the Glamping units are done, and the furniture is set in its new home, the container will transform into a laundry and services room for the center.

The reforestation of Sangha has started. We use bio-degradable geotextile to prevent landslides and allow the freshly planted vegetation to settle in. We hired a team of local professional gardeners, and thousands of plants have already found their new homes.


Sangha container

The first 5 luxury units are in the final construction stage. The double-roofing was installed, heavy-duty mosquito nets connected, the fabric walls are stretched into position, and it all looks very good, according to plan.


Units, inside/out


YokoVillage North

As mentioned, we have re-modeled a container to serve as an onsite office. Delivering it to YokoVillage North, deploying it on site, and getting it up and running is the next challenge.

Stabilizing the roads during the rainy season is an ongoing process, both for the benefit of our neighbors and for the construction materials to access the work site. A lot of resources are allocated to this necessary task.

Stabilizing the roads during the rainy season
Stabilizing the roads during the rainy season

Pulling the infrastructure necessary for a high-speed stable internet connection, the type required for the digital lifestyle of Yoko members, is a matter of high priority. We are meeting various providers and negotiating the best deal for connecting the community to the world wide web.

YokoVillage South

Site visits during the rainy season could be tricky. The access roads demand an ATV and a skillful driver. The rapidly growing jungle calls for re-opening paths through the lush vegetation so members can walk around, get to know the land, and choose their lots.

As we shared in the Milestone part of this update, the Yoko team happily manages the challenge, and members enjoy a site visit that is now almost an excursion.


We took the challenge of developing Sangha as an Eco-Friendly location very seriously. A lot of resources were, and still are being allocated for that cause, in planning and executing carefully, respecting the land.

We want the jungle to thrive and have started the process of Reforestation (or “Re-Jungling”).

Local vegetation was planted, and geotextile was installed to prevent land movement and support the newly planted vegetation, including indigenous protected trees.

With land movements and heavy rains, delivering the storage container to Sangha and safely placing it was a double challenge, as we also connected it to the grid.


YokoVillage North

We have a very straightforward objective to keep progressing with the construction of the Yoko Homes. We strive to bring the first villa to the finish line, we are planning to complete the construction by December 15th.

We constantly work on improving and developing the access and drainage on site, as we aim to maintain the roads to the co-work and restaurant to make the next stage possible!

YokoVillage South

Yoko is proactively involved in getting all necessary permits for land movement, roads, etc.’, and we will send more updates about the work in progress.

We keep busy helping all Yoko members choose their lots, so the engineers and architects can move forward with plans and designs for every property.


We advance with the infraestructure and bringing the furniture to the storage unit in the following weeks.

We are hiring a security guard.

We passionately keep the reforestation project going, planting as many plants as possible before the dry season.

We were hoping to launch Sangha earlier this season but due to some financial constraints we had to move slower on the construction of this communal spaces. We are now accepting additional investments
for Sangha.

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