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Aerapy Retreat


Investing in Villa #1 at YokoVillage isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a step into a community of astute investors with a shared vision for success and enjoyment.


The Three-Year Plan i.e., Why Villa #1 is a Wise Choice

  • Immediate Rental Revenue: Begin earning from the following month.
  • Profit Sharing: Investors enjoy exclusive usage rights and profit shares.
  • Annual Returns: Receive investment returns at the end of each year.
  • Capital Appreciation: After three years, the strategy includes selling the villa to the highest bidder.

With an investment of $100,000, investors unlock 20 days each year for personal enjoyment, a 100% discount on selected months, and discounted rates on others.

  • In low season (September to November): 100% discount on the AirBnb rate (except cleaning costs).
  • During mid-season (May to August): 50% off Airbnb rate (plus cleaning costs).
  • During high season (December to April): 25% discount on Airbnb rate (plus cleaning costs).

 Review the upgraded self-use clause.


Financial and Legal Security:

Investor Representation: Tobias Straube, a JV investor, represents the investors, ensuring that your interests are at the forefront of every decision.

Legal Oversight: Adrian Obando from Cresco Legal meticulously manages all legal aspects to safeguard your investment. Review the Contract attached below.


Strategic Financial Planning:

Your $100K investment is strategically poised for growth, with annual returns on investment and the potential to sell to the highest bidder in a rising market.

– Rental Income (3 years): Projected at $34,810 after expenses.
– Capital Appreciation: Your share from the future sale could total $139,480.
– Overall Gross Profit: Potential pre-tax returns could amount to $174,290.
– Net ROI: Factoring in a 15% tax, the net gain is an impressive $148,146.50, indicating a Gross ROI of 58.24%.

Review the Financial Projections Chart

Aerapy Retreat


Investment Flexibility:

IRA Funds: We offer options to invest with IRA funds, providing flexibility and potential tax advantages for your portfolio.


Making the Informed Choice

We provide all the necessary information for a well-informed investment decision. By joining YokoVillage, you enhance your portfolio with a robust asset promising growth, income, and enjoyment.

Click here for the Data Room of the JV’s House #1.

For a detailed investment breakdown, click here.

To secure your position, please get in touch with Liran Rosenfeld at liran@yokovillage.com
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Andre Ceresnjes at andre@yokovillage.com
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