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Invitation to Webinar with Yoko NL Founders:

Save the Date:  September 7th, 2023, Thursday 11 a.m. Costa Rica.


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Ronit Kurz
Matt Gottesman

Meet Ronit Aizenbeg Kurz Co-Founder of Yoko Netherlands.


Ronit Aizenberg Kurz talks about her life journey:

  • Creating intentional communities and eco-villages. 
  • She shares her story about how she and her partner Nir got to know Liran and joined forces to establish YokoVIllage in the Netherlands.
  • She presents the new village and the investment possibilities.


The Creation of Music Lab


The music Lab is a Joint Ventures project of YokoVIllage NL and the creator, Dorin Giladi, who is also the first investor at YokoVillage NL.

The music lab serves as a dynamic music accelerator that unites musicians from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and styles, providing them with the necessary resources to record their music and successfully enter the market.

From her musical background to entrepreneurship approach, Dorin talks passionately about the goals and the unique concept of the Music Lab.

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Yoko NL FUND & Why Join Now Vs. Later.



Our first European Eco Village in the Netherlands features:

  • 4.3 hectares
  • 65 lots
  • 42 glamping units
  • Sale of lots: Prices range from 140,000 Euros – 180,000 Euros
Use of funds:

The majority of the funds will be designated to the building of community amenities such as pools, spa, wellness center, saunas, yoga shala, event spaces, restaurant, co-working spaces, and also lighting, trails and roads, and a beautiful man-made lake.

The discounts you get if you join the fund now

If you join now, you can convert your investment into a lot with a 5% discount, and in addition, gain a deduction of the transfer tax. The approximate range of the deduction is between 4%-7%. To obtain a 5% discount, you need to invest in the fund before the 15th of October.

Sale of Lots Starting June 2024.

Investors in the Yoko NL Fund can convert their investment into the purchase of a lot. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for June 2024 before you can actually buy a parcel. By June 2024 the price of the NL parcels might increase.

Through the fund you get a discount and a preferred lot. The fund also yields annual returns of 13.5%. Think about it like this: Invest now. Get a discount, choose your preferred lot now, make some great returns and then later re-invest the funds in the lot while making sure you are getting in at today’s price.


Fund Memorandum:

Blog post:

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