Eco Village and Co-Work Community in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

"Yoko" = Sunshine Child


The earth has changed. The future of work is all about the lifestyle as Post Covid-19 Paradise locations like Santa Teresa quickly turn into “work from anywhere” hubs. “Work From Home” (WFH)  is a movement quickly affecting real estate markets as cities’ stress level and negativity level arises, doers and makers are seeking a plan B. We all want to lead a healthy balanced life, connect to nature, have time to spend with our friends, families and grow spiritually.

What is Yoko Village

A Co-Work community dedicated to social, spiritual and eco-friendly intentions.
Members of Yoko purchase ownership of “turn-key” designed villas.

For Who

Aimed at a mix of families and single founders, creators, artists and remote corporate workers, Yoko Village allows members to enjoy the healthiest and most balanced work-life. Members experience luxury yet economical venues inspired by the serenity of nature and wildlife.

As Seen On

Santa Teresa is a tranquil surf beach town located in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. It is one of the five Blue Zones, attracting people from all over the world.

Main Benefits of Santa Teresa

Recent owners and residents of Santa Teresa include: Jack Dorsey (founder of twitter and Box) bought latitude 10 hotel July 2020, the founder of the founders of as well as Gisele Budchen, Tom Bradley, Mel Gibson and Matt Damon

Our Co-Work communal space is located in the heart of YoKo Village.​

Villa Description

This is a sample rendering of our premium villa.

Each villa has access to:

… in the most beautiful places in the World.

Are you ready for this?

The World has changed!

Our Business Model

ROI and Rights for the YoKo Village owners


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